Who We Are

Quite simply, we are a glass company. We have been a glass company, non-stop, since 1960; in fact, Don Monaco, our founder, was one of the very first “mobile” glass installers in the United States. Unlike many companies that have come and gone, Don's Mobile Glass has evolved and dramatically grown as a community fixture in the California Central Valley.

We are unique. Our success is rooted in talented people that are committed to finding better ways to operate and, quite simply, to be the best glass company we can be. You can see it in our stores, you can feel it in our people. “Do it right” is a mantra and this flows through our business.

Talent is our key. Our team is a collection of industry “lifers” - from a former NGA president, industry executives, an AGSC board member, and all things in between. We have all worked from the ground up as techs, warehouse staff, CSRs, and store managers to learn the glass business. We understand the business at all levels and our products reflect that.

Adventurer Don Monaco, 1960

We are not “corporate”. Our roots, like our people, are unique. As you look through our history, you will see everything from aviation, skateboards, charity, race cars and community involvement - to punk rock, and more than a passing nod to pop culture. This is the recipe for who we are, with a nod to a rich history that started more than 60 years ago.

We have developed tools, training and processes that support our mission. As a company, we give back. We share our ideas and time with industry. We feel a strong, professional glass industry benefits all of us. Frogitout is our “vehicle” for sharing our tools, training, and techniques with the industry.

Each item, training program and piece of gear we offer is rigorously field-tested by multiple technicians with varying levels of experience ranging from just a few days to 20+ years in “real world” conditions. We use what we offer every day.

The glass industry is flooded with training, tools, equipment, and the promise of the “next big thing”. It's easy to be confused, disappointed or disenchanted by empty promises. Any tool is only as good as the technicians ability to use it. Our goal is to help make a difference for you and your business. We pride ourselves on customer interaction...because.... we’ve been there, alone, without anyone to ask for help.

Anyone involved in or with the glass industry can't argue... everyday is an adventure, get to know us... we do things differently.

Technical Director, Don’s Mobile Glass
Head Adventurer, Frogitout

Our Philosophy

Frogitout only supports modern, best practice tools, equipment & methods - from part removal and replacement - to calibration

To put it into perspective, you wouldn't put a modern football player on the field with an old-timey leather helmet. Even though tools & equipment are given a new flashy name and a coat of paint, they are often still tools and techniques from the 70's, 80's & 90's.

A skilled technician is any glass companies’ greatest asset... take care of them with modern equipment and training. Many expensive casualty losses and injuries happen because of lack of training and or the wrong tool used for the task. We can help you.

A skilled technician is any glass companies greatest asset… take care of them with modern equipment and training.