Tools & Supplies

Cut-Out Lines

There are dozens of options in the industry for cut-out line and wire. We have worked with most of them and designed a suite of products that take the best of each and bring them to life in a simple color, based model that ensures the correct line for the correct job.

Frog's Tongue

The Working Man's Cut-Out Line. Durable and reliable for most climates and vehicles.

$69.00 per 500ft roll.

Angry Blue Yeti

Specially designed for new vehicles, fleet accounts and hidden pinchwelds.

$69.00 per 500ft roll.

Fearsome Yellow Yeti

Our get $%#& done line.

$69.00 per 500ft roll.

Glass Knuckles®

Glass Knuckles® main purpose is Automotive Glass, Architectural Glass, Mirror and Body Panel removal.

Glass Knuckles® are also designed to provide greater ergonomic value, knuckle protection to reduce strain/cuts on technician body movement and enhanced cut-angle(s) during the removal process.


Glass Part Lifting Device by Panther-Pro™

The brilliant Panther-Pro Fit-Glass system was designed to assist Autoglass technicians in the exact fit and removal of windshields, back glasses, panoramic roofs on ANY type of vehicle.

Our system can be set up from storage to action in under two minutes and set-down equally quickly making for an efficient and practical tool that will not only save you money as you can literally halve the manpower required to safely install any piece of Autoglass.

The Fit-Glass System can be used on any vehicle ranging from the smallest car through to Semis, Buses, large commercial vans and will accommodate windshields, back glasses, panoramic roofs and pretty much anything you can throw at it

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