X-431 Radar 3 in 1 with bag

The Launch X-431 ADAS Radar – Three in one package is aimed at calibrate a variety of Radar Systems on Euro, Asian and Domestic vehicles such as ACC, BSM, LCA and FCR. It features three components that are compact, lightweight and easy to use. Equipped with

  • ACC Radar Target x1
  • Corner Reflector x1
  • Doppler Simulator x1
  • Mounting Adaptor x1
  • Five-line Laser Device x1
  • Laser Reflector x1
  • Auxiliary Mirror x1
  • L-shaped Positioning Bracket x1
  • Plumb Line x1
  • Tape-10m x1
  • Cross Stickers
  • ADAS Activation Card x1
  • User Manual x1
  • Packing List x1

$5,550.00 includes free X-431 Turbo III + six months FREE Tech Direct Support