X-431 ADAS Mobile Plus LDW Standard Package

Introducing the Launch X-431 ADAS Mobile Plus, a calibration tool designed for precision and convenience in ADAS calibration. With remarkable portability and a lightweight design of just 50 pounds, it can achieve precise calibration while effortlessly transporting it to any location. Equipped with:

  • LDW targets
  • Central Laser x1
  • Range Finder x1
  • Five-line Laser Device x1
  • Laser Reflector x1
  • Auxiliary Mirror x1
  • L-shaped Positioning Bracket x1
  • Plumb Line x1
  • Tape x1
  • Cross Sticker x10
  • Activation Card x1
  • User Manual x1
  • Packing List x1

$11,000.00 includes free X-431 Turbo III + six months FREE Tech Direct Support