X-431 ADAS PRO Plus LDW Standard Package

The X-431 ADAS PRO Plus Calibration Equipment is a specialized tool designed for the automotive ADAS calibration market. This professional-grade equipment ensures precise calibration of ADAS systems based on cameras and radar, covering various subsystems. Notable components include the calibration mainframe, wheel clamps, calibration targets, and radar reflection boards. With four lasers and a dual-laser alignment principle, it effectively eliminates axis and angle deviations during measurements, setting a new standard for calibration accuracy. The device's efficient design streamlines the calibration process, making it a reliable choice for automotive professionals seeking precision and reliability in ADAS calibration. Equipped with:

  • LDW targets
  • Main Frame x1
  • Cross Member Kit (including 2 positioning range finders-green) x1
  • Tablet Support x1
  • Wheel Clamps x2
  • Laser Range Finder-Blue (Height) x1
  • Center Laser x1
  • LDW Target Holder Kit x1
  • Ranging Panel x1
  • Distance Measurement Unit (including 1 laser range finder-green) x1
  • Power Adaptor Kit x1
  • ADAS Activation Card
  • User Manual x1
  • Packing List x1

$11,950.00 includes free X-431 Turbo III + six months FREE Tech Direct Support