Who We Are

We are a global collective of individuals inspired by the famed adventurer Don Monaco, one of the very first “mobile” glass fitters in the United States.

Each item, training program and piece of gear are rigorously field-tested by multiple technicians with varying levels of experience ranging from just a few days to 20+ years in “real world” conditions. Used daily for a minimum of one year before they are released to the public with limited production runs.

The glass industry is flooded with training, tools, equipment, and the promise of the “next big thing”. It’s easy to be confused, disappointed or disenchanted surrounded by acres and acres of complete fakers.

Anyone involved in or with the glass industry can’t argue... everyday is an adventure, get to know us... we do things differently.


Adventurer Don Monaco 1960

Our Philosophy

Frogitout only supports modern tools, equipment & methods of part removal and replacement.

To put it into perspective, you wouldn't send Patrick Mahomes on the field with an old-timey leather helmet. Even though tools & equipment are given a new flashy name and a coat of paint, they are still tools and techniques from the 70’s & 90’s.

A skilled technician is any glass companies greatest asset….take care of them with modern equipment and training.