Training Videos

Here is a library of training videos for your use. If you are shopping for slick, overproduced material, this may not be for you. We are, at heart an auto glass and calibration company - not a marketing or video production company. Our goal with all of the information we share is to help other glass and calibration businesses - that want to do the job right - learn from and quickly solve real world scenarios you encounter daily.

If you do not see what you need, message or call and we can make it happen.

Video Catalog:

  • Mobile Unit Demo
  • Mobile Unit Basic Overview
  • Dynamic Demo
  • Dynamic Trouble Shooting
  • ADAS Vehicle Safety Demonstration
  • ROXIE-W AI Pre 7 Post Scan
  • ROXIE-W Unboxing
  • Honda® Calibration & Problem Solving
  • KIA® Calibration
  • Hyundai® Calibration
  • Infiniti® Calibration
  • Doppler Simulator Demonstration
  • Random Glass Videos:
  • Calibration Makes a Difference
  • Terrible Installation

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